Factory Stories

On the Conditions and Struggles in Chinese Workplaces
by Hao Ren et al. (2015)


Since 2012 reports about the conditions and struggles in factories around the Pearlriver delta have been published in the magazine Factory Stories (工厂龙门阵 gongchang longmenzhen). Please, read the preface of the 1st issue on the motivation. We publish stories and reports from the magazine in English here… and will add more in the future.

factory-stories-cover-1Factory Stories #1 (1|2012)

Labor shortage and layoffs
One day
Looking back on twenty years in factories in Shenzhen

factory-stories-cover-2Factory Stories #2 (3|2012)

factory-stories-cover-3Factory Stories #3 (5|2012)

Decoding “short-term work”
Hire and fire

factory-stories-cover-4Factory Stories #4 (7|2012)

In the dorm
Factory moods – Two stories

factory-stories-cover-5Factory Stories #5 (9|2012)

factory-stories-cover-6Factory Stories #6 (11|2012)

The conflict of interests between the state, capital, and workers regarding social insurance

factory-stories-cover-7Factory Stories #7 (4|2013)

The Fu Factory Palace

factory-stories-cover-managementFactory Stories: Factory Management (11|2014)

Management in the factory
There is no such thing as fully used work time
Getting through security
Three conflicts and one talk

factory-stories-cover-inland-workersFactory Stories: Inland Workers (10|2015)