Zhang Lu’s Inside China’s Automobile Factories and Wu Yiching’s “The Cultural Revolution at the Margins” came out in German in 2018 and 2019. A compilation of texts from Italian Operaismo was published in Chinese in 2018. Two books are planned for 2010: one on China’s political economy in English (“The Communist Road to Capitalism”), and one on “The Left in China” in English and German. We also want to continue the English translation of Factory Stories from South China. [Deutsch]

2019/06/10 – Zhang Yueran wrote an article for Jacobin on the 1989 Tian’anmen Movement: The Forgotten Socialists of Tian’anmen Square.

2019/05/15Vorwort des deutschen Herausgebers zu Wu Yichings Buch Die andere Kulturrevolution. 1966–1969: Der Anfang vom Ende des chinesischen Sozialismus.

Cover – Die andere Kulturrevolution von Wu Yiching

2018/12/04 — 关于意大利六七十年代工人主义与女权主义的书出版了。为了下载这本书请点击工人主义及其批判

2018/12/04 — The Chinese books on Italian operaismo and feminism are out. Please, download the Chinese book-PDFs at Operaismo and Its Critique.

2018/12/04 — Chinesische Bücher über den italienischen Operaismus und Feminismus erschienen. Die chinesischen Buch-PDF lassen sich auf Der Operaismus und seine Kritik runterladen.

2018/11/26 — Update on the autoworkers’ struggle in Changchun: Repeated division. The struggle of temporary and outsourced workers at FAW-VW in Changchun, China, continues.

2018/10/04 — Beitrag von Ralf Ruckus zur Konfrontation zwischen China und den USA: China im Weltsystem – Pokerspiel um die globale Vorherrschaft.

2018/09/16 — Seite zum chinesischen Übersetzungsprojekt Der Operaismus und seine Kritik.

2018/09/16 — Page on the Chinese translation project Operaismo and its critique.

2018/09/15 — “The workers may have the last word, not those who are on the outside” – Interview with Ferruccio Gambino conducted for the Chinese edition of texts on operaismo.

2018/09/15 — It is my story” – Interview with Alfonso Natella conducted for the Chinese edition of ‘Vogliamo tutto’ (or ‘We want everything’).

2018/08/05 — 序言–无产阶级闹天宫 。意大利六七十年代的阶级斗争与理论探索(2018年)。

2018/08/05 — “它是我的故事”。拉尔夫·鲁库斯(Ralf Ruckus)访谈阿方索·纳泰拉(Alfonso Natella)(2018年4月)。

2018/08/04 —计划国家的危机。意大利文原文由Antonio Negri写于1971年。

2018/08/02 — “工人而非那些外人或许就会有最终决定权”。拉尔夫·鲁库斯(Ralf Ruckus)访谈费鲁乔·甘比诺(Ferruccio Gambino)(2018年4月)。

2018/07/29 — 反抗家务劳动的工资。意大利文原文由Silvia Federici写于1974年。

2018/07/29 — 作为历史范畴的社会–工厂关系。意大利文原文由Sergio Bologna写于1974年。

2018/07/22 — 全球视野:机器的资本主义运用。意大利文原文由Raniero Panzieri写于1961年。

2018/06/19 — 全球视野:政府做老板 工人也能反。阿尔法罗密欧工人在续签合同的过程中记下的从1971年11月到1972年2月的斗争日记。

2018/05/08 — Nuevas traducciones en español de los Relatos de la FábricaPrefacio #1Reflexionar con veinte años de trabajo en las fábricas de Shenzhen y En el dormitorio.

2018/05/02 — Relatos da Fábrica em português. Traduzidas pelo Passa Palavra.

2018/03/13  — Wir dokumentieren das Vorwort des Herausgebers von Arbeitskämpfe in Chinas Autofabriken.

2018/03/13  — We document the Preface of the German edition of Inside China’s Automobile Factories.

2018/03/11  — 全球视野:列宁在英格兰。意大利文原文由Mario Tronti写于1964年。

2018/03/10 — Insurgent Notes published two articles on the announced investment of the Chinese-Taiwanese electronics maker Foxconn in the USA.

2018/03/09 — Changchun, China: Is het protest van de arbeiders bij Volkswagen beëindigd?

2018/03/07 — We created a new English page to collect material on Unrest in China’s Car Factories.

2018/01/29 — Ya tenemos las traducciones en español de los Relatos de la Fábrica, desde China. Aquí se presentan los primeros tres: Un Día, Hablemos sobre la “Escasez de Mano de Obra” y Tres Conflictos y Una Conversación.

2018/01/15 — Update on the autoworkers’ struggle in Changchun: Has the Workers’ Protest at FAW-VW Ended?

2017/11/28 — 一个新的出版物列表,一本新书: “工人主义及其批判”与”妇女的力量与社会翻转”

2017/11/22 — Uitzendkrachten bij de autofabrikant FAW-VW eisen gelijke beloning en worden gecriminaliseerd:  “De Duitsers laat het koud. We moeten zelf strijd voeren!

2017/10/20 — Trabalhadores temporários da parceria FAW-VW na China exigem paridade salarial e vêem-se criminalizados:  “Os alemães não querem saber. Por isso nós é que temos que lutar!

2017/10/19 — 全球视野:菲亚特铸造厂的野猫斗争。意大利文原文由Romano Alquati写于1964年。

2017/10/12 — Agentúrni pracovníci v spoločnom podniku FAW-Volkswagen v Číne žiadajú rovnakú odmenu za rovnakú prácu: „Nemcom je to jedno. Preto je na nás, aby sme bojovali!

2017/10/12 — Kurzer Artikel über den Kampf von LeiharbeiterInnen bei FAW-VW in Changchun für gleiche Entlohnung und gegen Kriminalisierung: “Den Deutschen ist es egal. Wir müssen selbst kämpfen!

2017/10/09 — Short article on the struggle of temporary workers at FAW-VW in Changchun for equal pay and against criminalization: “The Germans don’t care. So it’s on us to fight!”

2017/08/18 — Wir dokumentieren das Ergebnis einer Untersuchung bei Amazon in China: Arbeiten für Amazon, wo der globale Riese ein Zwerg ist

2017/08/09 — Ankündigung: Anfang 2018 wird das Buch Arbeitskämpfe in Chinas Autofabriken erscheinen.

2017/07/17 — 全球视野:妇女与社会颠覆。意大利文原文由Mariarosa Dalla Costa 写于1971年。

2017/06/12 — Factory Stories: We put up a few more translations — Factory Stories: Some ‘big issues’ related to moneyNotes on the work in two factories in Shenzhen, and the Preface to the Inland Workers issue.

2017/06/12 — 工厂龙门阵:我们把一些工人的故事放在网站上 — 跟钱相关的几件“大事”,深圳两厂打工记内地工人专刊,前言

2017/05/01 — Factory Stories: We put up a few more translations — Let’s talk about the ‘labor shortage’Overtime trouble, and Overtime pay.

2017/05/01 — 工厂龙门阵:我们把一些工人的故事放在网站上 — 谈谈“用工荒”加班风波加班费

2017/04/30 — We document the result of an inquiry into the situation of Amazon warehouse workers in China by Inbound-Outbound-Notes: Working for Amazon in China where the global giant is a dwarf.

2017/04/02 — Factory Stories: We put up a few more translations — Visiting the Industrial Zone at Home, Will you make payments to a pension insurance fund?, and Will you make payments to a pension insurance fund? – State policy and workers’ misgivings.

2017/04/02 — 工厂龙门阵:我们把一些工人的故事放在网站上 — 家乡工业区走访要不要买养老保险?要不要买养老保险?(之二:国家政策篇)

2017/03/01 — Factory Stories: We put up a few more translations — In the dormFactory moods – Two piecesThe conflict of interests between the state, capital, and workers regarding social insuranceThe Fu Factory Palace.

2017/03/01 — 工厂龙门阵:我们把一些工人的故事放在网站上 — 宿舍里工厂心情(2篇)从社保看国家、资本、劳动者的利益纠葛富厂皇宫

2017/02/28 — Frido Wenten schrieb für die aktuelle Ausgabe der Sozial.Geschichte Online den Aufsatz Gewerkschaftsreformen in China – Segen oder Fluch?

2017/02/23 — 瑞尔夫∙拉库斯(Ralf Ruckus)对李民骐的书做了评论:即将来临的资本主义崩溃 —— 评《中国和二十一世纪的危机》。他也对李民骐做了长篇采访:不是社会主义,就是野蛮 —— 一场关于二十一世纪的对话

2016/12/09 — Die Zeitschrift Peripherie hat die deutsche Übersetzung eines gongchao-Beitrags veröffentlicht: Interview über neuere Trends: Arbeitskämpfe, Organisationsprozesse und Repression in China.

2016/10/21 — 失话者的呼声,中国打工妹的口述(2006)。我们把潘毅的前言放在网站上:小历史的火光

2016/09/09 — Sozial.Geschichte Online published a review and interview by Ralf Ruckus: Li Minqi on the forthcoming collapse of China’s economy and the capitalist world system.

2016/06/01 — We document an Interview on recent trends: Labor Struggles, Organizing, and Repression in China.

2016/04/25 — Sozial.Geschichte Online published a review and interview by Ralf Ruckus: Zhang Lu on exploitation and workers’ struggle in China’s auto industry.

2016/03/07 — An English version of the book with strike reports from the Pearl River Delta was published by Haymarket Books: China on Strike.

2016/03/01 — Factory Stories: We put up a few translations — Three Conflicts and One Talk, Getting through Security, There is no such thing as fully used work timeManagement in the Factory.

2016/03/01 — 工厂龙门阵:我们把一些工人的故事放在网站上 — 三次冲突一次谈话, 过安检没有干满工作的时间工厂里的管理

2015/11/22 — In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Sozial.Geschichte Online bespricht Ralf Ruckus die Bücher The End of Cheap Labour? Industrial Transformation and ‘Social Upgrading’ in China von Florian Butollo und The Cultural Revolution at the Margins. Chinese Socialism in Crisis von Wu Yiching.

2015/10/01 — Factory Stories: We put up a few translations — Preface #1, Hire and Fire, Decoding “Short-Term Work”, Labor Shortage and Layoffs.

2015/10/01 — 工厂龙门阵:我们把一些工人的故事房子网站上 — 第1期:创刊词边招人边炒人解读“短工化”用工荒与裁员潮

2015/09/15 — We document the English translation of the article China Crash – The Faltering of Economic Transition by Ralf Ruckus.

2015/09/05 — Nous documentons Le krach chinois. Les balbutiements de l’économie de transition par Ralf Ruckus.

2015/09/02 — Wir dokumentieren China Crash – Der Umbau der Wirtschaft stockt von Ralf Ruckus.

2015/09/01 — Documentiamo Crashing Stocks. La trasformazione cinese arriva ad un punto di svolta di Ralf Ruckus.

 2015/09/01 — In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Sozial.Geschichte Online bespricht Ralf Ruckus das Buch Chinas Kapitalismus von Tobias ten Brink.