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Since 2008, we have participated in meetings on social struggles in China in more than 111 cities. If you are interested in co-organizing a meeting (online or offline), please, write to us.

Upcoming events on the books The Left in China. A Political Cartography (Pluto Press, 2023) and The Communist Road to Capitalism. How Social Unrest and Containment Have Pushed China’s (R)evolution since 1949 (PM Press, 2021):

More events happening in April 2024 will soon be announced here.

(For events in German, please, check here.)

Recent events:

October 13, 2023, Bookmarks Bookshop

October 11, 2023, King’s College:

April 22, 2023, A4, budova YMCA

April 18, 2023, IISH: